About Us

About us

Fancy Tours
(Luxury Charter)

FANCY TOURS “Started as a Dream”, with the acquired experience and interest in the Travel, Transportation & Tourism industry. We founded Fancy Tours in 2014, the Idea was to provide Travel & Tour Management for our sister companies.

Our Visionaries are not new in the Transport Industry, Our History goes back to the 1980’s. Fancy Tours was established in 2014 with the aim to service the Luxury Tourist and Charter market to the entire South African Community.

Our Team is armed with over 30 years’ combined experience in the Land Transport Industry.

We aim to provide the World class Fleet to cover our Corporate Clients and Domestic and International Tourists while Exploring the beauty of our country South Africa. We also aim to expand our exclusive and affordable service offering to disadvantaged Communities in the Republic of South Africa.

With Our origin from Experienced Individuals in the Passenger Transport Industry, Fancy Tours will have access to industry standards, processes, infrastructure, management systems, operations and technology, that will ADD value in making Fancy Tours the option in the Tourist and Charter industry.

Fancy Tours

Our Team

Our team is professional and dedicated to quality service and delivery. They are all well trained and highly skilled in their respective fields.

Our Drivers

Fancy Tours is proud to present their drivers – they are professional, experienced and knowledgeable. They are well presented in uniform.

They are recruited based on experience and track record. Our drivers undergo training before being introduced into service on the following modules:

  • Comprehensive background on how the tourism and travel industry operates as well as the handling of tourists and passengers;
  • Driver appearance and behaviour
  • Driving techniques (defensive driving, economical driving and driver safety)
  • The vehicles’ condition, the safety, comfort, reliability and economical utilization of each coach type;
  • Coach drivers are subjected to regular refresher courses